Hello, and welcome to Noble Reasoning!  This site will be the home of the analytical and other work of Brendan Noble.  It will expand and grow hopefully into multiple projects in the future.

The first planned project is the analysis of all the world’s political parties from a liberty-focused position.  We will have election results, general ideology and information, and an economic and social liberty “rating” for each party, in an effort to analyze politics throughout the world.

During the period ahead of a major election for a country, we will feature information for the election, including projected results, coalition possibilities, and what it means for liberty.  Though this means there will be some subjectivity in the information, we hope to provide as much objective information as possible to educate people on politics outside of their own countries.

The countries we will be focusing on during 2017 are the Netherlands, France, Norway, the Czech Republic, and Germany, as these countries will all be having their main (parliamentary) elections this year.  The first of these will the the Netherlands on March 15th.  We will begin with a quick introduction on the Dutch status quo in the next post, and then we will continue into the general overview for the next election before going into the specifics on each party participating in the Dutch election.

Feedback is always welcome.  If you have more information for us to use in our analysis, think we are wrong about something, or want to give a high five, feel free to email us at


Author: Brendan Noble

I am a political consultant, data-analyst, Hillsdale College economics alumnus, and conservative-libertarian. Twitter: @Brendan_Noble

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